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Hiring for Recruitment, Admissions and Student Services Manager (contract, 13 months, maternity leave)

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Recruitment, Admissions and Student Services Manager (contract, 13 months, maternity leave)


This position is focused on students throughout the key stages of their relationship with CMU College, from their initial interest in the college, through enrolment and attendance, to program completion and graduation. Key responsibilities of the role include:

  • Responsible for all international, national and local student recruiting, and actively involved in the development, preparation and undertaking of recruitment strategies.
  • Liaise with Marketing/Communications department to support and target lead generation efforts (advertising, earned media, etc.), convert/recruit prospective students, and meet enrolment targets.
  • Prospective student management- meet with prospects and families after tours, manage registration and payment process
  • Participate in recruitment fairs and events, speaks to groups and individual students, and meets with school counselors and administrators to promote outreach activities and as required to assist international recruitment agents.
  • Provides career and academic counselling, planning, and advising to students including arranging and participating in attendance meetings
  • Creates, packages, monitors and distributes resource materials for student recruitment and retention programs; develops mentorship programs; analyzes trends in recruitment and retention programs
  • Supervise staff including Recruitment/Admissions Coordinator and ensure their duties in relation to enrolment, receivables, contracts and documentation, transcripts and student attendance tracking are carried out in a timely, efficient and effective manner
  • Recruit, interview, hire and train new administrative employees, and ensure they receive necessary ongoing training (e.g. OSAP)
  • Conduct regular administrative employee reviews
  • Process deposit, tuition and kit payments, payment schedules, collections, OSAP payments, payment plans, invoices, bank deposits, collections, refunds
  • Coordinate the online Student Information System; conduct Preregistration, Registration (Ensure compliance with Student Records Policy) Calculate refunds, withdrawal dates and duration of study
  • Student file Ministry compliance – responsible for complete files on start date
  • KPI, international students, and sexual harassment survey.
  • Prepare Cash Flow Reports (status of enrollments and payments for upcoming start dates)
  • Campus Pro/ Student Database management – ensure that the system is kept up to date with prospects, students, programs, grades
  • Support IT functions of the college including service and maintenance from outsourced provider, training and support to other staff and addressing issues such as equipment malfunctions and service interruptions


  • College or University degree or diploma in related field
  • Minimum three years experience in a student recruitment role with a track record of success in increasing enrolment
  • Demonstrated excellence in interpersonal skills and oral and written communication skills
  • Demonstrated ability to work in an environment where a diversity of people and situations are encountered
  • Strong leadership skills including ability to effectively manage and delegate to staff
  • Solid team player