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June 28, 2016

Screen Relish – SFX Feature: Practical & Digital Makeup Design

CMU’s NEW Creature and Character Design program has just been featured on ScreenRelish! Watch the video of their tour around CMU and learn from our faculty how this program is providing practical and digital skill sets and changing the game for special effects artists. You can register now for the…

June 21, 2016

CMU Among The Few Schools Offering Hybrid Programs

With the launch of CMU’s new program, Creature and Character Design, it is one of the few schools offering programs catered to hybrid skill sets – “hand-modelling skills and digital sculpting skills.” Read more about how this cutting-edge program is shaping the future for special effects artists here!  

June 21, 2016

CMU Grad’s Work Featured in Institute Magazine

CMU grad, Carla Dopazo, created the stunning looks for this spread from Institute Magazine. Check out more of the looks here.

June 15, 2016

CMU Grads Listed in 20 of Toronto’s Best Makeup Artists

CMU graduates have been included in a list of 20 of Toronto’s Best Makeup Artists! For looks from each artist, check out the full list HERE.

May 31, 2016

20 Reasons We’re Excited for the Creature & Character Design Program!

With the launch of CMU’s NEW Creature & Character Design Program, we are listing the reasons we’re so excited about this program and why you should be too! 1. The Creature & Character Design program is one-of-a-kind! This program is the first of it’s kind to offer both traditional and…

May 6, 2016

CMU Instructor writes, directs and produces new film HELLBOX

CMU instructor, David Scott, recently wrote, produced and directed the new film HELLBOX. He also had a strong  makeup team to assist him with the effects made up of CMU graduates: Erin Moore, Shannon Spence, Tenille Shockey, Emily Skoggard, Katie Meadows, Christina Scott, Cameron Scholes, Zac Black, and CMU instructor/graduate Steven Dawley.   Congratulations to all!

May 3, 2016

Career Outlook As A Creature & Character Designer

  Career Outlook As A Creature & Character Designer Of all the things you can do as a career choice, how amazing would it be to see your imagination come to life before your very eyes? All of the pros in Hollywood needed to get their start somewhere, but it’s…

April 22, 2016

Interview with CMU Grad, Daniella Pluchino

CMU graduate, Daniella Pluchino, was interviewed about her experiences as a celebrity makeup artists for Comicon and Fan-Expo. Read the full interview here.

March 22, 2016

CMU at ComiCon 2016

The CMU booth hosted a variety of demonstrations during ComiCon 2016, March 18th – 20th, including this prosthetic application by CMU instructor, David Scott.  

March 14, 2016

Born To Be Blue Premieres at TIFF Lightbox

The Canadian film, Born To Be Blue, premiered on Friday at TIFF Lightbox with great reviews. A big congratulations to all those involved in creating this film, including key makeup artist and CMU instructor, Lynda McCormack.