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December 8, 2014

Is This Real Life?

Russian photographer Katerina Plotnikova creates stunningly visual photographs with the combination of wild animals and humans as the subjects of her work. Dangerous, cute and powerful all at the same time,  this beautiful paragon of where art begins and nature ends redefines the idea of a captured moment. To view the…

October 28, 2014

Zombies Come to Life!

Our fourth annual Zombie Makeup Workshop was a monster of a success! Over two evenings participants learned how to create zombie makeup looks, ranging from Night of the Living Dead-style makeup to Walking Dead-style makeup, led by two of our uber talented instructors, Stuart Conran & Ryan Louagie! Here’s a glimpse…

October 23, 2014

Artist Reinvention

A big thank you goes out to CMU graduate Danielle Schleese, the host of our latest Industry Expert Series session! As an artist who has taken charge of her talent and creativity, Danielle gave our students rewarding career advice not just about owning your own business but also your artistry. Remember, future pros –  make…

October 17, 2014

YouTube Makeup In Real Life

Did you know that makeup videos are the most searched how-to content on YouTube? Or as this article refers to them as, the pièce de résistance of YouTube. When you find out how many hits ombré brows get, you actually won’t believe it. Celebrity makeup artist, Nick Barose, demonstrated these looks…

October 2, 2014


We’re excited to announce the launch of our Pinterest page and just in time for Halloween we’ve compiled a board for some makeup ideas we love. Visit the board for looks that will get you “Best Costume” at any party and follow us to see our No Guts No Gory board coming soon!