Complections College of Makeup Art & Design Located at
110 Lombard Street, Toronto, Ontario.
Phone: 416-968-6739

School Polices

Non-discrimination Policy

Complections International is committed to providing equal opportunity for all, without regard to race, religion, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, age, or handicap. Previous experience with make-up is not necessary. Courses are available for beginners and for seasoned make-up artists.

Grading Policy/ Diplomas and Certificates

Students must achieve a minimum of 60 per cent grade overall to qualify for a diploma or certificate. Grading is based on attendance, in-class work and practice sessions, project completion, photographic shoots, portfolio presentation, business card and résumé

completion, hygiene of make-up kit and make-up station, reference files, participation, professionalism, demeanor, and all practical, written, and equipment exams.

Attendance Policy

Attendance and timekeeping is monitored. Poor attendance will ultimately affect a student’s progress and final grades. Students who are unable to attend classes due to illness or family emergencies must notify the school at least one hour before class starting time and provide medical notice upon returning. Class assignments and exams will be rescheduled without penalty.

Dress Policy

Clothing is left to the personal discretion of the student. When students are working with clients, we ask that clothing is clean and professional. In class we recommend that students bring coveralls or smocks to protect their clothes as some make-up products will stain clothing;. The prosthetics and creature design courses involve products such as plaster and cement, resin, rubber and urethanes; students are advised to wear old clothes or coveralls for these courses.

Rules Of Conduct

By enrolling in a program at Complections International, each student agrees to follow the school’s policies and guidelines. Failure to uphold the guidelines may be grounds for dismissal from the school, at the President’s discretion.

Each student at Complections International is expected to act honestly and responsibly and sign a Code of Conduct Agreement.

Courtesy and consideration towards fellow students, staff, and visitors to the school is mandatory. There is a zero tolerance policy towards cheating or plagiarism, attending school while under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs, disorderly conduct which inhibits or interferes with the educational responsibility of the school.


The school reserves the right to change school policies at anytime if the situation warrants change. Any changes made will be posted in the school and will be effective immediately upon posting. The school reserves the right to change the order of curriculum in any given course as it sees fit, acting in the best interests of the students. The school reserves the right to cancel or change course starting dates and will give fair notice of start date changes.