Financial Assistance

CMU college administrators and staff are happy to answer any of your financial assistance related questions in order to help you pursue your dream career. Our payment schedules are designed to help students organize their finances in order to have all payments taken care of by their start date.

Funding options may include a federal loan, a student line of credit, or OSAP. Canadian students from outside of Ontario may qualify for support from funding programs in their home province.

Student Line of Credit

Many banks offer a student line of credit that provides funding at a lower interest rate than most credit cards. A student line of credit is a personal loan designed to assist students with funding their post-secondary education.


OSAP is available to Ontario residents enrolled in any of our diploma programs. To apply for OSAP or to find out how much aid you qualify for, please visit OSAP’s website.

For more information about applying for OSAP or other student loans, please contact Admissions at or call us at 416-968-6739 ext. 24.

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