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Over 5,000 makeup artists have graduated from CMU in the past 30 years. We are incredibly proud of our alumni’s countless accomplishments and we enjoy sharing their success stories with our current and prospective students. Many alumni have gone on to become leaders within their field and even more contribute meaningfully to the international makeup industry. It is not uncommon for CMU alumni to return to the college to visit and even recruit recent graduates for job opportunities through our job posting system. We take pride in the fact that our alumni want to assist our recent graduates at the beginning of their careers.

Find out more about our amazing alumni and their many successes below.

Alumni Stories

From Film School to Makeup Artistry: Complete Makeup Program Alumna Jaye Falcioni leaves her mark on Netflix shows, short films and more.

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From graduating film school to earning a Diploma in Makeup Artistry at CMU, Jaye Falcioni has always believed in letting an individual’s journey take them to the endless opportunities the…

CMU Complete Makeup Artist Program grad talks Fashion, Music Videos and TV Commercials

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Luisa Duran graduated from CMU College back in 2004. With a career spanning in Fashion, TV Commercials, and Music, Luisa has gathered a wide breadth of experience in the entertainment…

Celebrity Makeup Artist Billy Manik’s journey from CMU to the heart of Bollywood

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Bollywood Celebrity Makeup Artist Billy Manik graduated from our Comprehensive Makeup Artist Program back in 2011 and short of a decade later has achieved some of her wildest dreams. Hailing…

Coast to Coast, How CMU Alumna Shanae Worrell is Making her Mark on the World

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Shanae Worrell graduated from both our “Comprehensive Makeup Artist Program” and “Digital Makeup Effects Artist Program” back in 2018. A Barbados native, Shanae shares her experience living in Toronto and…
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How CMU alumna Brooke Belliveau created her dream career in Fashion

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Brooke Belliveau chose to focus on fashion after graduating from CMU, and her commitment to this fast-paced and highly creative industry has allowed her to thrive as an editorial, bridal…

Alumna Franceline Nkingu’s passion for Film and Television grew out of a therapeutic pastime

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CMU alumna Franceline Nkingu has used art throughout her life as a means of self-expression and therapy, and her experience at the school helped her to hone her skills, allowing…

CMU Alumna Emily O’Quinn finds success in the TV and Film Industry

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Emily O’Quinn has rooted herself in the Television and Film Industry working as a Makeup Artist. Emily began her career quickly after graduating from our Complete Makeup Artist Program in…

Success in Digital Effects at CMU led Alumna Chloe Housely to ‘Where Monsters Live’

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Since graduating at the top of her class in 2018, CMU Double Diploma alumna Chloe Houseley has found success as a freelance artist working in the worlds of makeup artistry,…