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CMU Camp Policies 

Transfer Policy

We will endeavour to accommodate requests to transfer Campers from their original registered program to another program week, provided the request is made at least one (1) week before the first day of the requested program’s start date, and subject to space availability.

Refund Policy

Families can cancel their application no later than four (4) weeks prior to the start date of the camp for which they have registered, and will receive a refund less a $100 cancellation fee.

Refunds are not available for any cancellation within four (4) weeks or less of the start date of the camp.

Drop Off/Pickup Policy

Campers who are dropped off prior to 9:30 a.m. or picked up after 3:00 p.m. may wait in the foyer (front lobby) of the school or in the courtyard outside the front door. The summer camp Instructor will meet Campers each day in the foyer at 9:30 a.m. CMU does not provide sign in/sign out or supervision outside the summer camp hours (9:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.).

Lunch and Breaks

Campers will be given a one hour lunch break each day. Weather permitting, the instructor will accompany campers to a nearby park, or if they prefer, campers may go offsite for their lunch break.

Safety and Student Behaviour

CMU staff is dedicated to creating a positive, safe, and inclusive learning environment for all students, including participants in our summer camps. At the commencement of each camp, we host a brief orientation during which we review rules and expectations for behaviour and participation.

Staff are instructed to inform our Student Services department of inappropriate behaviour. Sometimes, our leadership team may contact parents when behaviour is especially concerning. In extreme cases, matters may be escalated to CMU senior management who will determine an appropriate response, which may include dismissal from the program. In cases where a participant is dismissed from our summer camp and asked not to return, refunds are not available.

We have referenced the Ontario Safe Schools Act to formulate rules and expectations which include:

  • Respect and follow the law
  • Tell the truth and be honest
  • Make everyone feel welcome and included
  • Respect differences and the rights of other people
  • Treat everyone with respect, even when you do not agree with someone else
  • Show care for property and equipment belonging to the school, and to other students
  • Help others when they need it
  • Listen to instructions and directions from staff
  • Ask staff for help so that problems can be resolved peacefully
  • Not use swear words
  • Try their best in all activities

All participants in CMU summer camps must not:

  • Bully other people, whether it is in person or through technology like cell phones, social media, or email
  • Touch people in a way that is unwanted or makes them feel uncomfortable
  • Use any object to threaten people or make people feel uncomfortable
  • Bring cigarettes, drugs, or alcohol to Camp
  • Take things that are not theirs
  • Hit or hurt someone else, or encourage other people to hit or hurt someone else
  • Say things that hurt other people or might make people feel uncomfortable
  • Engage in activity that compromises the physical or emotional safety of themselves or others