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Digital Effects Makeup Artist Program: Creature & Character Design

Upcoming Start Dates: 

  • July 15, 2019
  • December 2, 2019
Program Duration: 1 year (condensed into 17 weeks)

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This unique and ground-breaking program allows students to learn from the experts to conceptualize creatures and characters in physical and digital form for work in film, television, gaming and many more exciting and creative industries. This condensed program provides students with highly in-demand skill sets in ZBrush, Photoshop and Creature Design, readying graduates to pursue creative careers after only 17 weeks. Class sizes are small with 10 students maximum, allowing for many one-on-one learning opportunities with CMU’s expert instructors. 
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Curriculum Outline:

2-weeks Digital Sculpting: Photoshop
1-week Foundation: Life Drawing
1-week Foundation: Figurative Sculpting
6-weeks Digital Character Design: ZBrush Sculpting
6-weeks Practical Creature Design: Sculpting
1-week Career Planning and Digital Portfolio Creation

Graduates will receive a College Diploma in Digital Makeup Effects Artistry for Creature and Character Design.

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