International Student Resources

CMU's COVID-19 Readiness Plan has been approved by the Ontario and Canadian governments in order to reopen to international students who are currently outside Canada.

All international students are requested to review below information carefully while planning for their studies at CMU during COVID-19. If you have questions, please send us an email to [email protected]

UPDATE:  Processing times for international student study permits have been updated. If study permit applications are received by May 15, 2021 a decision will be made by August 6, 2021 in time for Fall starts. For more information visit Government of Canada's website.


Overall Requirements

CMU's plan for international and/or internationally arriving students follows the requirements of local health guidelines and the Government of Canada's guidance for postsecondary institutions during the COVID-19 pandemic. CMU has an emergency management protocol and crisis communications system in place, and will work in concert with local public health authorities to proactively communicate and enforce COVID-19 precautions (physical distancing, hygiene measures, and mandatory masking), as well as to notify members of the community in the event of an outbreak of COVID-19 impacting campus facilities. Any public communications will be guided by public health best practices, as well as CMU's responsibilities under applicable privacy legislation. CMU will continue to abide by local and provincial public health authorities to ensure adherence to all requirements.

CMU's COVID-19 Readiness Plan has been approved by the Ontario and Canadian governments in order to reopen to international students who are currently outside Canada. CMU is committed to upholding the required institutional requirements for as long as the college appears on the approved Designated Learning Institutions list.

Pre-Arrival Requirements

CMU has and will continue to communicate with all international and/or internationally arriving students and their co-arriving immediate family before departure about the requirements of the Government of Canada Emergency Order under the Quarantine Act. Clear and consistent pre-departure communications about health and travel requirements will be delivered, emphasizing both the requirements and the penalties for failing to comply. Emails, virtual consultations, and websites are the primary vehicles for communicating the requirements and all relevant information to students and their immediate families.

Virtual advising sessions with CMU Admissions and Student Services staff enable students who are abroad to participate in one-on-one consultations. All international students have and will be surveyed about their plans to ensure that they have received, understand and are compliant with all requirements.

Students are encouraged to download the Government of Canada's ArriveCAN app before arrival at the port of entry and to complete the information required, to ensure that all requirements are in place before arrival.

Before you leave home...


    If you are a low-risk contact of someone who tests positive for COVID-19 or if you are aware that you are a low-risk contact of someone who is symptomatic and awaiting test results, you will be required to self-monitor for 14 days after exposure. Self-monitoring includes minimizing contact with others and monitoring yourself for symptoms including fever, difficulty breathing, loss of smell or taste and others as outlined in the COVID-19 Screening Form provided. If symptoms develop, you must seek medical attention immediately, get tested and self-isolate. The Ontario Ministry of Health has created a screening tool to use while self-monitoring. The screening tool will recommend next steps for you to take based on your self-described symptoms. Follow the instructions provided by the screening tool. A positive screening will likely result in the need for testing and self-isolation.


    Students are informed that they and their co-arriving immediate family must have a detailed quarantine plan for 14 days from the point of arrival in place, in accordance with the requirements set out in the Emergency Order Minimizing the Risk of Exposure to COVID-19 in Canada Order (Mandatory Isolation). Under the Government of Canada's Quarantine Act. and in accordance with local public health guidance, internationally arriving students will be required to quarantine away from vulnerable populations and must not stay in a communal or group setting. They must also ensure they have access to the necessities of life. We clarify that failure to meet these requirements for a quarantine plan prior to departure may result with a refusal of entry, fines or possibly imprisonment. Students are asked to provide CMU with their detailed quarantine plan prior to departure.


    Prior to arrival, students are required to complete and submit the Quarantine Plan, Contact Information and Attestation Form provided to them by CMU to confirm their understanding of their pre-arrival and quarantine requirements. It also ensures that CMU has the information necessary to contact them and their emergency contacts while they are in Canada. The contact form includes a question asking students if they have disabilities or other health conditions that require accommodation. An affirmative answer will prompt a series of specific supports for the student covered in one-on-one consultations and follow-up sessions with CMU staff.


    Students are encouraged to download the Government of Canada's ArriveCAN App before arrival at the port of entry and to complete the information required, to ensure that all requirements are in place before arrival. International students will be reminded that a study permit, temporary resident visa (TRV) or an eTA alone are not a travel authorization, and that IRCC will communicate to international students once travel authorization has been granted. They are also reminded that this authorization may be cancelled if the circumstances in their destined institution or province change. They are advised that failure to meet these requirements may result in a refusal of entry. To support Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) in identifying essential reasons to travel to Canada, CMU will provide a letter of support for currently eligible students for presentation to CBSA where necessary. This letter will include student information, details about the student's program, and CMU's commitment.


    Students are required to submit their planned arrival information including their port of entry, arrival date and time to CMU by email to [email protected] to make any essential arrangements. Students are also advised that they and their co-arriving family members should submit their details through the ArriveCan App. International and internationally arriving students and co-arriving immediate family members will have to undergo the necessary health checks and must quarantine (self-isolate) or isolate for 14 days upon arrival in Canada. Students are therefore advised to arrange to enter Canada at least 15 days prior to the first day of their program.


    A CMU College staff member or delegate will meet the students and their co-arriving family members at their port of entry and accompany them to their quarantine accommodation. Students and their co-arriving family members will be actively screened by the CMU's staff or an assigned representative for COVID-19 symptoms. They will be provided with a new surgical/procedural mask (e.g. medical masks) to use during their transportation and be reminded to physically distance from others and practice hand hygiene and respiratory etiquette during their travel.  Students are informed that direct, uninterrupted travel must be arranged from their port of entry to Canada to their quarantine. Students are advised to arrange for pick-up from their port of entry by friends or family, or by private transport to be pre-arranged by CMU College on the students' behalf. Private transport may include a personal vehicle, quarantine facility shuttle service or limousine service. Transportation from the airport to quarantine accommodations to be pre-arranged by CMU College on the students' behalf will be provided by Red Car Service or Pearson Limo Company. (These services meet public health, IRCC, and CBSA safety guidelines for physical distancing).

    The driver responsible for transporting students and co-arriving family members will be informed well in advance that they will be picking up travelers arriving in Canada and of any precautions they must take to protect their health and safety including: being informed not to work if symptomatic, ensuring that the driver and all passengers are wearing masks, the windows are down (weather permitting), and that physical distancing (between travelers not of the same household and with the driver.

    Students and their co-arriving family MUST proceed directly and immediately to their quarantine accommodations. No planned or unplanned stops during travel to the quarantine site are permitted. Failure to follow the Quarantine Plan will result in penalties that include fines, imprisonment and possible expulsion from CMU College.

    Public transportation is not deemed an appropriate means of travel by CBSA to the place of quarantine. Students and their co-arriving family must not take public transportation (e.g. bus, taxi, subway, coach bus, Uber, Lyft when leaving the airport.)

    While in transit to the port of departure in their home country, in airports and during flights, and on arrival, students will be expected to follow all recommended personal hygiene and physical distancing guideline as per Public Health Ontario, including:

    • Wearing a mask and gloves.
    • Washing/sanitizing hands frequently.
    • Observing appropriate physical distancing.

    Students are asked to submit their transportation plan prior to arrival, and they are required to meet the cost of transportation from their port of entry to their place of quarantine.

Post-Quarantine Support

Students will be provided with daily learning, personally guided practice, and instructor feedback. They will have regular interactive engagement with a supportive, creative community, and they will be provided with multiple ways to communicate and exchange ideas with both teachers and classmates.

  • Our blended learning approach provides students with diverse learning experiences. In addition to in-person instruction where required, students are provided online instructional sessions and video recordings of live lectures and demonstrations. CMU students have 24/7 access to review materials repeatedly, enabling greater flexibility and the opportunity to learn at a comfortable pace.
  • Students are also provided with 24/7 access to emotional wellness supports and services through the My Student Support app (mySSP) - available by phone or chat in the language of their choice at no cost to the student.
  • CMU has several mechanisms for dealing with discrimination, harassment and bias including a racism, discrimination, violence and sexual harassment policy and a Code of Conduct Policy.
  • Students are made aware of these services and policies in their Admissions package and again through orientation sessions (online and/or in-person) at the start of their program.

CMU Student Services staff are available for individual student consultations from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday or after regular school hours by appointment to support students when and as required.  Virtual meetings are encouraged to minimize risk.

Before you Arrive on Campus

After your quarantine period ends, if you are tested negative on your COVID-19 test, you may enter our campus on your scheduled date. Prior to entering campus, please review our Health & Safety Plan here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please review our dedicated FAQ page for international students for more information.