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Photographic & Studio Hairstyling Certificate


Program Duration: 3 Weeks

Upcoming Start Dates:

  • Please contact admissions for information on the next available start dates

Please note that all programs and schedules are subject to change.


Tuition Fee: $3,500

Student Kit*: $422.12

Textbook Fee*: $25

International Students: A $2,500 fee will be added to your tuition.


*HST of 13% is applicable to all student kit and textbook fees.

Note: All our prices are in Canadian Dollars (CAD).


This 3-week hairstyling certificate program is specifically designed for makeup artists looking to expand their skills and employability. Students in this program will learn the fundamentals of hairstyling for film, television, fashion and bridal. From basic blow drying techniques to classic and modern updos, students will graduate from this hairstyling program with the abilities to create flattering hairstyles that fulfill the needs of any client, producer or director.


In the beauty industry, time is of the essence. Hairstyling for makeup artists develops a diverse skillset, teaching you to work quickly and efficiently to produce stunning hair designs in a professional setting. Alongside the techniques obtained in this hairstyling certificate course, you also gain knowledge in professionalism, etiquette, appearance, communication, and sanitization.

Your experience of makeup and hairstyling techniques will prove to be a valuable asset, providing you with a competitive edge in the beauty industry, where most candidates only train in hairstyling or makeup exclusively. By specializing in both fundamentals, you become a more versatile professional, capable of working in any environment.

The benefits of a certificate for hairstyling include:

  • To clients, you can offer hair and makeup as a two-in-one service, increasing your income potential.
  • You increase your potential for breaking into the TV and film industry, as a versatile makeup artist.
  • Become a favourite with brides, reducing stress and delivering solutions-oriented thinking within environments of complex social dynamics.

This course builds upon your existing base of information, offering far more than just some tips and tricks. As compelling as your makeup skills may already be, imagine if your hairstyling was equal in accomplishment. You will emerge from this photographic hairstyling course as a well-rounded hairstylist, ready to tackle a diverse range of assignments.


  • Communication – ability to communicate clearly and effectively with clients and co-workers through verbal, written and visual means.
  • Critical thinking/problem solving – ability to anticipate, respond and provide solutions for problems and challenges in work environment
  • Information management – ability to locate, organize, interpret and document information.
  • Interpersonal skills – ability to work collaboratively with others, recognizing the diversity of strengths in co-workers, respect for opinions and the value of contributions of others.
  • Personal skills – ability to manage time and resources effectively, take initiative and make decisions.

Please note that this course does not certify you as a hairdresser. 



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