Creature Design Program

Ready for the next level of Special Effects Makeup design?


Program Duration: 6 weeks

Upcoming Start Dates:

  • Please contact admissions for information on the next available start dates

Please note that all programs and schedules are subject to change.


Tuition Fee: $4,900

Student Kit*: $1,522.12

International Students: A $2,500 fee will be added to your tuition.

*HST of 13% is applicable to student kit fee.


The Creature Design Program teaches students how to design, construct, sculpt, and mould an advanced sculpted character. Creature design is an important part of working on the technical side of special effects makeup artistry. Special effects sculpting allows you to create movable characters and creatures for a variety of productions; a unique and increasingly in-demand skill within the film, television, and theatre industry.

A total of six weeks in duration, this practical special effects sculpting course teaches artists how to use the tools typically found within a workshop environment, helping them to safely create original and dynamic creatures with confidence. Learn how to sculpt the intricate details of your creature, from lifelike artificial eyes, to the teeth and gums. By the end of the program, each artist will have planned and developed a completed creature.

This course is ideal for highly creative artists who are interested in working in special makeup effects labs. Students who complete the creature design program will be equipped to build projects for a film or television production, animation studio, museum installation, or theatrical production.

Reach out to CMU Admissions for more information on upcoming start dates, or to learn more about program offerings within our SFX Makeup School.



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