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Diploma of Makeup Artistry | CMU


Overall Duration: 26 Weeks + 17 Weeks

OSAP Eligible: Yes

Upcoming Start Dates:


The Comprehensive Makeup Artist Program (26 Weeks)

Tuition Fee: $15,489.14

Student Kit Fee*: $5,644.95

Textbook Fee*: $100

International Students: A $2,500 fee will be added to your tuition.


The Digital Effects: Creature & Character Design Program (17 Weeks)

Tuition Fee: $11,050.00

Student Kit Fee*: $3,435.00

International students: A $2,500 fee will be added to your tuition.


*HST of 13% is applicable to all student kit and textbook fees.

*Note: All our prices are in Canadian Dollars (CAD).


In order for students to benefit from gathering knowledge in all fields of professional makeup artistry, we recommend registering for two of our leading diploma programs in continuity. From film and television, to prosthetic makeup, to the ground-breaking field of digital makeup effects, taking complementary programs prepares aspiring makeup artists for every career option. We recommend the below programs for a well-rounded learning experience:

The world of digital makeup effects is new and exciting for innovative makeup artists who want to be on the cutting edge of their industry. Graduates can expect to find work in the film, television, and gaming. A makeup diploma in digital effects may lead to opportunities to design appliances in labs, apply prosthetics onto actors or actresses, and/or create moulds for museum pieces and specialty displays.

Did you know that CMU alumni have been employed by prestigious Toronto special makeup effects studios? Our alumni have worked on major Hollywood productions including The Shape of Water, Pacific Rim, and Resident Evil 5.


In cosmetics, beauty, and makeup, there is always something new to learn. The fundamentals are important, but studying in a specialized area isn’t always enough to get work opportunities. Sometimes, building upon this knowledge base is necessary to highlight your creativity and make you a more marketable candidate for jobs.

Our Comprehensive and Digital program path is an opportunity to explore another area of expertise in makeup artistry. Ideally, this gives a graduate the appeal of having a combination specialty, making you a valuable member to any makeup team.

CMU’s makeup artistry diploma can elevate graduates to new opportunities. These opportunities often have titans of art and media at the helm. They are always looking for makeup artistry graduates to contribute with versatile skills. With a diploma of makeup artistry, you stand out as a qualified and knowledgeable candidate, capable of meeting the challenge of a broad range of projects!


The Comprehensive Makeup Artist Program

The Digital Effects: Creature and Character Design Program


Love Your Career

CMU offers 7 specialized diploma and certificate programs designed to provide aspiring makeup artists with the skills and confidence needed to succeed in different areas of the industry.