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Student Testimonials

A thriving student community of aspiring artists

We strive to foster an inclusive environment that champions artistic freedom and experimentation, unleashing students’ creative potential. Here’s what our students have to say about their time at CMU College of Makeup Art & Design.

Featured Testimonial

Francezka Tapper

“I’ve done so much in the month that I’ve graduated, that I’m so grateful for and so happy that I’m doing. This has been one of the best times in my life. Working a job that doesn’t feel like a job but makes you happy is amazing. This was made for me and I’m so passionate about it; doing this for the rest of my life is what I intend on doing.”

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Featured Testimonial

Julio Cesar da Silva

“After 12 years of working with brides, I had the opportunity to move to Toronto. Knowing what I had learned in Brazil, I was determined to find something that would not only improve my skills but also my knowledge on the different techniques and products used in the industry. Being here in this incredible school and being able to learn about all the paths I can take in this profession is simply magical.”

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Featured Testimonial

Mashiyat Khan

“Everything was so well put together that it was smooth sailing. Everbody was very nervous about doing anything because life suddenly came to a halt. CMU helped me a lot; everybody was constantly with us in connection. It was a good experience, I enjoyed it a lot – I learned a lot. If I could sit at home and learn so much, I can do anything.”

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I remember CMU being such a transformative time for me. I was young, from a small town, experiencing Toronto for the first time. The location was so central, and all of the instructors, staff, and students seemed so connected. I loved being surrounded by encouraging, knowledgeable people who wanted to support me and share their expertise with me. I felt like it bred such a healthy sense of professionalism and in turn – artistry.

Emily O'QuinnCSA Nominated Makeup Artist, CMU Alumna

I wanted to get better at my craft, so I searched for the best school to give me that. CMU had an amazing success rate, great reviews, and the work that its students and alumni produced was extraordinary. The school will give you the tools, so make the best out of it. Each class, each day and each moment is an opportunity to learn – so ask questions, be vulnerable and don’t be afraid to be humble and drop your ego. The best way of learning is being completely open to it.

Franceline KinguMakeup Artist, CMU Alumna

My experience at CMU honestly changed my perspective about school. From nearly accepting the fact that in my earlier years I would dread attending school, after my first day of class at CMU, that all shifted. I would be giddy waking up in the morning, knowing that it was “zombie day” in class, or race home after school to play around with my new airbrushing skills. I finally felt like I had that passion ignited in me and I couldn’t get enough of it. Beyond learning practical skills, I got to make so many friends and fellow artists who are still a part of my life, even years after my schooling.

Jaclyn ForbesContent Creator, CMU Alumna

This is one of the opportunities I never thought I’d experience. Being a finalist in Toronto’s IMATS Battle of the Brushes was phenomenal, almost surreal. I actually cried tears of joy when I got the news that I was chosen to compete in the finals. I’m so happy that I got to be a part of the competition and represent the school in such a big way. I’m incredibly grateful for Barbara Alexander’s mentorship and CMU’s support and sponsorship throughout the entire process. With CMU, my friends and my family, I couldn’t have asked for a better support system.

Shanae Worrell2018 IMATS Finalist, CMU Alumna

I had so much fun! Before CMU, I had never really played with makeup to that extent - it was just something I knew I could do. And although it isn’t directly in my field per se, I absolutely loved the SPFX portion! I get to use it every now and then in music videos and commercials.

Luisa DuranMakeup Artist, CMU Alumna

I had studied art for three years and kept wondering how I could turn my art education into a full time career. Weeks before and after finishing my program, I kept playing with the idea of attending CMU. Prior to attending CMU, I didn’t know anything about makeup. Enrolling in the Complete Makeup Artist program made sense to me because I would be learning the fundamentals. I knew this program was going to be a HUGE challenge; I had a lot to learn but knew it would be worth it in the end.

Ashley VieiraMakeup Artist, CMU Alumna

Attending CMU was one of the best decisions I made. I was already working in retail makeup before attending CMU, but CMU gave me the confidence and the knowledge to be able to take my career elsewhere. My education there prepared me with all the tools of the trade, I was able to work on set, take on personal clients and understand the business in a whole different sense.

Rochelle CheongMakeup Artist, CMU Alumna

After doing a course in India, I worked with Mac cosmetics. It was on the job that I realized how big and fantastic this industry is. What I loved about CMU is that they had a very clear plan towards the way they teach. The faculty was amazing, each and every teacher had years of experience in their industry. I had the most amazing time learning from the best.

Billy ManikBollywood Makeup Artist, CMU Alumna

The faculty at CMU went above and beyond their way to help us learn through online classes and were happy to accommodate our individual needs. I was quite anxious about the blended learning format however after attending a few classes I started loving it as it made it possible to learn and see every minute detail that I may have missed in a large group. I am super glad I chose CMU.

Priyanka BanerjeeComplete Makeup Artist Program

Choosing CMU was very simple for me. I walked around set and asked makeup artists I was working with, what school they would recommend if I wanted to make the transition into the makeup department. Everyone unanimously said CMU. To be sure, I called the President of IATSE 873 and proposed the same question. Their answer was the same, CMU.

Jaye FalcioniFilm and TV Makeup Artist, CMU Alumna