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CMU in the Media

C|MU at TIFF 2012!

For those of you attending TIFF over the next week, here’s some great movie suggestions for you! Graduates worked on the following films:

1) Midnight’s Children (Trason Fernandes)
2) Antiviral (Trason Fernandes, Melis Bayraktar, Olga Kirnos, Nicole Bendrey, Stephen Polito, Lilah Whitmell)
3) Frost (Kat Crisp)
4) Canoejacked (Kat Crisp)
5) Life Doesn’t Frighten Me (Georgia Colero)
6) Still (Georgia Colero)
7) Dear Scavengers (Jessica Panetta)
8) Home Again (Steven Taylor)

And for those of you checking out Midnight Madness, Complections graduates Carlos Henriques and Ryan Louagie provided the SPFX makeup for the promotional video! Go grads!