CMU lends CHEO a hand, literally: The practicality of the art of makeup and design

By October 24, 2019 October 7th, 2021 No Comments

CMU has collaborated with CHEO once again to create realistic prosthetics to use in training for medical professionals. CHEO, the global leader in pediatric health care providing world-class compas­sionate care and leading-edge treatment for children and youth, has worked with CMU instructor Neil Morrill in the past creating prosthetic pieces to help resemble burn wounds.


This time around, CMU instructors David Scott and Steven Dawley have worked together to create hands, ears, and lips out of silicone for new doctors to learn how to stitch and operate on. To make these pieces as accurate and close to consistency as if it were actual skin, they were cast from a person and then moulded out of silicone.

From the art of making people look and feel good to helping people do good, this collaboration reminds us that when it comes to the application of makeup and design, there are no limits. Looking towards the future, it is important to note and understand the various ways the industry is growing and learning to adapt. As an institute wanting to be at the forefront of innovation, we are incredibly proud to be able to partake in a project that can help the lives of people in the community.