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On Sunday, August 14th, Complections was thrilled to receive a visit from pop superstar Ke$ha. Ke$ha was in Toronto on tour when she stopped by with her personal make-up artist, Complections graduate Vittorio Masecchia.

While she was here, Ke$ha received a life cast courtesy of instructors Neil Morrill and Kyle Glencross. A life cast is an impression taken of a person’s face. Once the impression has been made, it is then used to create a plaster replica of the individual’s face. This model face is the base on which prosthetics for a specific person can be built.

“Ke$ha was so pleased with the visit and got a kick out of the life casting process. We’re really excited to explore some fun ideas. The pro products we picked up during our visit really spiced up our kit!” said Vittorio.

Ke$ha and Vittorio checked out the school store afterwards and bought a ton of products for use in concerts and events. And of course, once Ke$ha was finished having her face cast and loading up on products, she was happy to pose for photos with Vittorio and the Complections staff!