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Kipkemboi – The Movie

By June 7, 2024No Comments

As the countdown to the release of Kipkemboi approaches, the anticipation begins. While we eagerly await the chance to immerse ourselves in Kipkemboi’s world, let’s not forget to acknowledge the creators whose artistry enriches the cinematic experience. This film represents an exceptional collaboration between esteemed producers Jennifer Jonas and Leonard Farlinger, and Canadian Nigerian director extraordinaire Charles Uwagbai. Also a shout out to Joel Richardson, the writer / production designer whose long history of work in Kenya formed the basis of the story for Kipkemboi. From actors and editors to wardrobe stylists and makeup artists, every part plays a role in helping bring the characters to life. Behind every mesmerizing moment on screen lies the handiwork of these talented individuals, whose passion and dedication deserve recognition and applause.


Kipkemboi, a mathematical genius, must pass up a MIT scholarship and provide for his family when his father dies. As he struggles with his dreams slipping away, Kipkemboi’s girlfriend, Chipchirchir, gives him a book that changes his life. Inspired by what he learns, he develops an algorithm to play the stock market. As he starts stock trading from a cobbled-together computer, his algorithm turns out to be an astronomical success generating millions of dollars. With massive profits falling into an unknown town in Kenya, it attracts the attention of unsavoury international financiers, local police and the elders of his village. Kipkemboi and Chipchirchir must run to save their lives.


The film brings together an exceptional Kenyan and Canadian cast and crew encouraging future collaborations between these two great nations and peoples. Each member of the team plays a crucial role in shaping the film’s visual identity. Their dedication and attention to detail ensure that every character resonates with authenticity, leaving a lasting impression on audiences long after the credits roll. Behind every memorable character lies the vision of a skilled team of makeup artists, led by key makeup artist, Zenna Achieng, playing a crucial role in shaping the film’s visual identity.

“I was immediately attracted to the script because it connected with me on a personal level – reinforcing something I believe which is our minds can be our greatest tool for escape, and the betterment of our lives. I felt the story was unique and yet, there’s something very universal about our main characters journey. I find too often we see projects set in Africa that reflect the worst of society. This feels like an opportunity to open our eyes and look at things in a different way.” – Charles Uwagbai

Charles Uwagbai is an award-winning filmmaker. In the last 10 years, he has directed TV ads, theatrical releases and over 20 movies for international powerhouse IrokoTV(Canal Plus). He directed THE GHOST AND THE TOUT – 17th highest grossing Nollywood film ever – now on Netflix. Charles recently produced and directed BLOOD OF ENOGIE, showcasing the incredibly rich culture of the Benin Empire.

Come celebrate the premiere of Kipkemboi!

Opening the Oakville Film Festival at the Thursday Night EY Gala

June 20, 7:30 PM at the Oakville Centre for the Performing Arts

Tickets here!

Special Screening with Cast and Crew in attendance:

June 22, 5:00 PM at the Royal Cinema (608 College Street, Toronto)

Tickets here!