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L’OREAL Brush Contest: Canada’s Top 50

The beginning of 2015 called for many exciting events in the fashion and entertainment industries. One of them being the L’Oreal Paris Canada Brush Contest, where competitors each submitted a video that shows off their makeup design skills, along with their how-to process. CMU Fashion Makeup and Hairstyling instructor, Gian Luca Orienti along with graduates Emily O’Quinn, Cherie Snow and Joseph Hinds, are holding strong in the competition. We extend a big congratulations to all of you and are also excited to share that Emily’s video was in the top 5 selected finalists today! With just under a week left before voting closes, the top 50 Canadian finalists are all excited for the reveal of the final 5 finalists, who will be moving on to the finals in Paris, France! We wish you all the best! You can vote for these awesome makeup artists here.