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T&M-02-coverThe life of a make-up artist is full of possibilities, and the opportunities that come from exposure to the industry are exciting and unexpected. Maee Kroft, graduate of the 26-week Comprehensive Make-up Artist Program, can attest to this – only two years after graduating, she has launched a new independent beauty and fashion magazine called T&M (named after its co-founders, Maee and her best friend Teija). Maee developed the idea after discovering there was a niche for such a publication; “I was looking at Make-up Artist Magazine,” she says. “And I thought, there aren’t really any other magazines like that out there.”

Pooling her resources, Maee has brought together some of Canada’s rising stars of photography, styling and of course, make-up artistry. “My favourite part is going through the submissions, and writing the articles,” she tells us. The idea, Maee says, is to offer “skincare advice and application ideas to regular people,” and the feel of the magazine is approachable, thoughtful and fun. The most recent issue of T&M features product recommendations and solutions for problem skin, and fashion editorials by Stephen Loban, Mathew Wilson and Angela Y. Martin.

Now looking forward to issue three, which will launch on September 1st, Maee has her sights on a new distributor and is looking forward to having T&M appear on the shelves of your local bookstore very soon. In the meantime, you can order your copy from T&M’s website.