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snake250Mark Boyer of St. Thomas, Ontario, moved to Toronto to pursue his dreams of becoming a make-up artist. After graduating from the 32-week Complete Make-up Artist Program last August, he has since worked on jobs ranging from stage productions to special events. His area of specialization is the extremely artistic world of body art.

Body painting has always been a fascinating aspect of make-up artistry, and Mark has had the opportunity to participate in several events utilizing this unique skill. Complections Instructor Dino Dilio posted just such a job for the prestigious Toronto International Film Festival’s opening gala party. Mark had the task of Team Leader, and worked with a collection of artists to body paint wait staff. The theme of the event was based on the festival’s opening movie, Creation. All the models were painted to represent Adam and Eve, and their amazing make-up was a hit with partygoers!

Mark has gone on to do several other body painting events in the wake of this very important gig, including Bodyssey, and a Complections job opportunity for a fundraising gala. For the latter event, Mark assembled a team of artists and helped outline the designs for the theme: the Chinese Zodiac. Each artist was able to interpret this idea as they desired. “The artist who had the Dog was really creative,” remembers Mark. “I had the snake, so there was a lot of detail work.” Mark received great feedback from this job, and is looking forward to future opportunities this summer with the client.

Keeping options open is important to Mark in this early stage of his career, and aside from event work he has kept busy on a film that recently wrapped; Mark’s contribution to the production included making a fake severed head and Sasquatch baby. He has also co-developed a personal make-up business, and holds monthly events for participants to have their make-up done, including a professional portfolio studio session. Entrepreneurial instincts and an open mind are a definite asset to this Complections graduate’s growing success!

To see more of Mark’s work, check out his website.