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Marnie Cossarini for Trigger

Toronto production company, New Real Films, premiered their feature film Trigger at 2010’s Toronto International Film Festival as the inaugural film for TIFF’s new headquarters, the Bell Lightbox Theatre. Trigger was chosen by Maclean’s magazine as one of the top ten films to see at this year’s festival. In his review of the film, Brian D. Johnson of Maclean’s calls Trigger “witty, moving and immensely satisfying.”

New Real Films has long been a supporter of Complections graduates, hiring many for assistant make-up positions on their films. Marnie Cossarini graduated from Complections in 2009 after successfully completing the 26-week Comprehensive Make-up Artist Program. She got her foot in the door by taking every job offered to her, both volunteer and for pay. Having always wanted to work with Bruce MacDonald, Marnie was very excited to be offered the position of key make-up artist for Trigger. On watching the film during TIFF, Marnie muses, “being able to be in a jam-packed theatre watching people react to something you worked on is just surreal.”

Trigger screens daily at the Bell Lightbox Theatre beginning September 30, 2010.