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IMG_4931Why did you choose the 26-week program at Complections?

I wanted a program that I could spend time with. The 26 week program is comprehensive and I had the ability to really learn and spend quality time with each of my instructors.

How did you hear about the school?

I had asked other working make-up artists, and did research for a couple of years before enrolling at Complections. It was the only school that offered everything I wanted – the reputation, access to working and successful professionals in their fields, and a strong curriculum that would challenge me.

What was your previous make-up experience before coming to the school?

I had been working as a make-up artist with M.A.C for years before I came to the school. M.A.C provided access to incredible training and opportunities, but I really wanted to focus on a career in film. I found that my previous work experience (on-set and off) was a huge asset.

What was your experience at the school like?

I had a wonderful experience! The entire staff, literally from the moment I stepped into the building, was truly supportive. My instructors were thorough and meticulous and demanded my best. They were so professional and had such huge success in their respective fields that I really stepped my game up. The school reciprocates what you offer. I wanted to get as much information from my instructors as I could. I was present, taking notes, asking questions – I tried to soak up as much knowledge as I could. That being said, I worked hard. I went into the program with a competitive attitude. I wanted to really use the program for all it offered. I graduated with an overall grade and skill set that I was proud of and I love checking in at Complections to this day.

What was your favourite class?

Film class hands down! I had waited a long time to get there and I loved every minute of it! I was very fortunate to have had Candice Ornstein as my instructor. She is a teaching force! I learned so much from her and the momentum you build in that class is incredible. That entire part of the curriculum was so challenging for me and it truly reinforced that film was where I belonged.

Did you work while you were in school? What sort of jobs were they?

I had access to some incredible work while attending school. Alex Bovoroy got some of his students work at Fashion sCares. That was my most memorable school job. It was a wonderful opportunity that quickly showed me just how fast and efficient you need to be to work out there. I learned so much from that singular opportunity and loved being backstage with all that energy!


What sort of jobs have you done since graduating?

I have been working steadily. I have done make-up for independent films and production companies like BravoFact and Buck Productions. In July, I keyed my first horror film and found myself doing celebrity press junket work for TIFF this year. I just came home from shooting a film up north starring Henry Winkler (pictured), Graham Greene and DJ Qualls called Running Mates. I loved that film experience! I have been very fortunate and am grateful for all the wonderful opportunities that have come my way.

What has been your favourite job since graduating?

Each job seems to surpass the next. I keep catching myself in these work moments where I think to myself “I can’t believe that I’m here” – nothing can beat that feeling! I learn as much as I can from each job and have met so many talented, creative people. It has been so satisfying.

What advice would you give to current students? To grads?

My advice would be to go to school as if it were a job. Be professional, work hard, and take advantage of the talent that will surround you there. The instructors and administration are people with vast amounts of experience and information and they are there to share with you. Ask questions, be present and make the most of your time there. Never say no to an opportunity. You have to want to succeed in this field more than you want anything else. There are so many people out there with the same dreams – you have to want your dreams more than anyone else! You have to create your own success – you have to be fearless.

What are your future career goals?

I want to continue building career momentum. I have made some great contacts that I hope to build a continuous working relationship with. I want to find myself on a film set years from now, many phenomenal work experiences behind me, catching myself thinking, “I can’t believe that I’m here”…that’s what I’m looking for.