RCSarah2For Tracy Peart, Complections graduate and make-up artist for CityTV shows Breakfast Television and Cityline, being part of the behind-the-scenes action of a busy television crew was always an interest. “I was working in film and television,” she says. “I wanted to be a director, and started as a production assistant for crews. But I always found myself hanging out with the make-up artists!” Tracy’s admiration for the artistry and talent of the make-up team sparked her interest, especially during music video shoots. “The difference in the models was always amazing,” she says. “I would always see the models come in, and then see them after getting their make-up and hair done and think ‘How did they do that?!’ I became fascinated with the transformation, and started looking at movies [and] magazines differently.”

One day a friend recommended that Tracy develop her intrigue into a career path, and she began researching make-up schools in Toronto. “I found [Complections] to be the most thorough in terms of what is taught, and when I came in for a tour I liked the set up, and the people,” she recalls. “I researched Dino [Dilio, Complections Fashion Instructor and Tracy’s own teacher], too. Everything just clicked for me when it came to the school.”

Enrolling initially in the 6-week Fashion Photographic Make-up Artist Program, Tracy was completely green when she started at Complections. “I had no previous experience,” she remembers. “I can’t express enough how important it is to practice!” Tracy also completed the 2-week Studio & Photographic Hairstyling Program, acknowledging that she “wanted to work more. You have to do hair, even on a basic level. For agencies especially, it’s a ‘must’.”

Once she had completed her time at Complections, Tracy was very thoughtful in her approach to a career in make-up artistry. “I [went] into sales first,” she says. “I was at Eaton’s, and I was a floater so I worked at all different counters.” She remembers the experience as a crucial training ground for her later success. “You learn so much, and you see it all. From product knowledge to application techniques, things become second nature to you.” She also says that the retail experience afforded her one extremely important skill applicable to all facets of the industry; “You’re problem solving all day,” she says.

Deciding to move on from retail, Tracy next set her sights on the film industry, and after working on various sets she volunteered at Rogers Television. Eventually, she found herself working part-time at CityTV. Through the close relationship she developed with the hosts of Breakfast Television, Dina Pugliese, and of Cityline, Tracy Moore, Tracy received a lucky break. “They were impressed by my work, and they convinced my boss to hire me on full-time.” Tracy has worked with the station full-time for two years now, and says the most fulfilling part of the job is meeting people. “If you’re a make-up artist, you love talking to people already,” she laughs. “It’s great. And the crew is like family.” Through this opportunity, Tracy has also had the opportunity to do make-up on other personalities like Sarah Taylor from Much Music, and even Justin Beiber!

Moving from one part of the crew to another has been a natural progression for Tracy through her combination of talent, professionalism and passion, and now her job feels like a home away from home.

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