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DSC_9860Multi-talented Complections grad Brittany Gray started her own client beauty company Fancy Face after graduating from the Client Beauty Program in 2006. She recently shared a few thoughts about her experience at the school, and offers some great advice to our alumni.

Why did you choose to attend Complections?

I chose Complections because I knew it to be a prestigious make-up school that was well-known and greatly respected within the make-up artist community. When deciding on which school to attend, I came in for a tour of the school and just loved the atmosphere and location. I was also happy to see the thorough course breakdowns, and really felt like I could learn a great deal from the teachers at the school. I loved that the teachers were working professionals. I knew I would be in very good hands at Complections surrounded by the best of the best.

Did you have any previous make-up experience?

I had been doing make-up since I was a very young girl for my dance competitions and recitals. I was also frequently asked to do my friends’ make-up for different events or proms. This is where my passion for make-up ignited, and was when I realized I had some talent. When I was about 15 years old, I started working as a dancer/singer in television, films and in professional theatre productions. I always learned a great deal from having my make-up done on-set or by learning the make-up for different theatre shows.

What was your experience like at the school?

I loved every second of it. I loved how small our class was and I felt that all of us in the course really bonded and got a chance to learn from each other’s successes and mistakes. I loved how closely our teacher watched over our work and how high the standards were to make us the best artists possible. I found everyone to be extremely welcoming and friendly and I just loved every second of being there. Now that I have had a couple of years as a graduate of Complections, I have to say that I am always immensely proud to tell others where I trained.

Did you take advantage of the job posting system during or after you graduated?

I did not simply because I knew right away that I wanted to start my own company and create my own job opportunities and hours. I focused on creating Fancy Face immediately after graduating school.

Why did you choose to launch your own beauty company?

I really wanted to be a freelance artist so that I could make my own hours and be my own boss. Creating Fancy Face has been such a liberating experience for me. I can control how much I want to work and when I want to work. Make-up artistry is also a great side career for me because I am primarily and actress so when I have any downtime, I can put all my energy and focus into Fancy Face.



What has your experience been like as a beauty entrepreneur?

I have loved every second of it. It is so fulfilling to have something that is my own to manage and take care of. I feel like Fancy Face is my little baby and with attention, love and focus each year it grows beautifully into a more successful company.

What have been some of your favourite jobs as a make-up artist?

My most favorite jobs as a make-up artist are not the fashion shoots or the days on an exciting film set. What really satisfies me is doing clientele-based make-up. I love making a woman who may be insecure about her appearance feel on top of the world when she sees what a little make-up in the right places can do. I love seeing the confidence ignite from within them. I feel so lucky to be able to give others that gift and to help their inner beauty shine through on the outside.

What advice would you offer to students and graduates of Complections?

I would say to follow the direction that you are most passionate about – whichever make-up avenue that may be. If you follow your heart, you can never go wrong. I would also encourage students and graduates to find their own personal style and to discover what sets them apart from the rest.