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krystie Ann makeup3How did you hear about the school? Why did you choose to come to Complections?

When I wanted to become a make-up artist, I researched all the schools in the area and made appointments to go to all (of them). Complections ranked highest in others’ opinions, and based on what I researched. When I went in for a tour I loved the school! The teachers were all friendly, the students all looked like they were having fun learning, and all the work that was displayed throughout the school was amazing. Complections offered the most knowledgeable and most experienced teachers. It just seemed right to attend the school.

Why did you choose to take The Essential Make-up Artist Program?

I chose the 14-week program to learn a variety of the different make-up techniques out there. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to work in film, television, theatre, special make-up effects or in fashion. I felt this program would give me the basics for all areas.

What was your previous make-up experience before coming to the school?

I had already been working as a cosmetician at Shoppers Drug Mart before starting school, and always had a passion for the art of make-up. I was always doing make-up for friends and experimenting. But other than that I had no make-up experience coming into the program.

What was your experience at the school like?

I loved school. I made some really great friends and worked with really talented people. It was so much fun. Every day you were learning something new, developing your skills, and practicing. It was really great.

What was your favourite class?

I really enjoyed all my classes. I loved learning a bit of everything. And my teachers were amazing. My favourite class was the fashion photographic class with my favourite teacher, Barb. I knew for sure that fashion was the industry I wanted to work in from being in that class.

What sort of jobs have you done since graduating?

Since I graduated, I have had the pleasure of working with one of the top hair salons, “Three Small Rooms”, in Barrie, Ontario. I have worked for make-up companies such as Esteé Lauder and CARGO cosmetics. I have been a finalist and semi-finalist for “Make-up Artist of the Year” categories for some major competitions I have been in. I am a beauty contributor for PIE Magazine, and also a freelance artist. I have the opportunity to do make-up for weddings, photo shoots, and fashion shows, and I also run my own beauty blog!

What has been your favourite job since graduating?

Since graduating my favourite job is doing what I’m doing right now. I LOVE being a freelance artist. I love working for myself, and I take my business very seriously. I work very hard to promote and market myself, and make my clients happy. I continue to learn things and develop my skills, and I have built up a clientele very quickly. I get to pick my own jobs, make my own money, have all kinds of different experiences, and meet tons of new people!

What advice would you give to current students and to grads?

Advice I would give to current students and grads: patience and perseverance pays off! Never give up! And never let anyone take your dreams or passion away from you!

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