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Campus Update: Summer Pilot

By June 30, 2020October 7th, 2021No Comments

Updated June 30th, 2020

CMU has been providing instruction using a blended learning approach since March 30th, 2020.  We will begin to resume in-person instruction for our academically stranded students starting on July 13th, 2020. Students will be invited back to campus on a priority basis in small, carefully scheduled groups to complete the outstanding components of their programs that can only be delivered through in-person instruction.  Students will be contacted directly regarding their in-person class dates which will enable them to complete their programs and graduate.

CMU College is committed to ensuring the safety and wellbeing of our students, faculty, staff, and the communities we serve.  We have implemented all health and safety standards and protocols as directed by the Ministry of Colleges and Universities and by local public health authorities.  We have also added our own incremental measures to protect the health and safety of our entire community.  This includes:

  • Screening of all staff, instructors, students and guests upon entry.
  • All staff, instructors, students, and guests are asked to wear non-medical Face Masks upon entry.
  • All staff, instructors, students, and guests are asked to use Hand Sanitizer upon entry.
  • All staff, instructors, students and guests will be provided with Temperature Service upon entry.
  • All staff, instructors and students will be provided with Face Shields.
  • All staff, instructors and students will be provided with Gloves.
  • All student, instructor and staff stations and desks have been separated by 2 metres and/or outfitted with protective barriers.
  • Providing Health Canada approved disinfectant sprays, wipes, and hand sanitizers for all classrooms, labs, offices and washrooms.
  • Installing on-site signage, directional arrows, and decals to control traffic flow and to facilitate physical distancing.
  • Increased deep cleaning and disinfection of classrooms, washrooms, offices, and facilities.
  • Reducing or eliminating of classroom rotations, with dedicated workstations for each student.
  • Closing off all student lounges to minimize the risk of infection.  Students may take their breaks in their classroom or offsite.
  • Staggering in-person instruction schedules, class start times and breaks to protect everyone on campus.
  • Reducing of the number of people in our campuses by continuing to provide instruction through a blended learning approach and enabling staff and faculty to work remotely as appropriate.
  • Suspending all large-scale in-person events. Large-scale presentations and events will be conducted virtually until further notice.
  • Suspending all in-person campus tours.  Campus tours will be conducted virtually until further notice.
  • Conducting Admissions Services and providing Student Services primarily by email, phone, Google Meet or Zoom. When required, in-person meetings will be by appointment only and will abide by all health and safety protocols.

Read our complete COVID-19 Health and Safety Plan.

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