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Career Path Focus: Bridal Makeup & Hairstylist | CMU College

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There are so many different career opportunities in the wedding industry, one of them being a bridal makeup artist and hairstylist. If you are interested in working directly with the bride on their big day, this role may be just the right fit for you. 

Weddings are designed to be a once-in-a-lifetime event where the guests, especially the bride, want to feel special and look their absolute best on their big day. It’s a special occasion, so in most cases, the bride will hire a professional makeup artist & hair stylist to ensure that she and the bridal party look flawless.

Today, we’re going to tell you what makeup techniques and skills are needed to become a successful bridal makeup and hair stylist, the steps to take to pursue a career in this industry, and what it takes to be successful in the industry. With the right training and career guidance, you will be on track to work as a makeup artist for your own business, on a freelance basis, or as a beauty consultant.

What Is a Bridal Makeup Artist?

A bridal makeup artist is a professional makeup artist that specializes in the makeup and hair for the bride on their wedding day. Makeup artists with this job can specialize in everything from simple to dramatic styles that will wow guests at the wedding.

Traditionally, bridal makeup services were intended only for the bride, but now makeup artists are often required to glam up the entire bridal party, and sometimes, even the groom and his men.

Skills of a Bridal Makeup Artist

There are many skills required to become successful in the bridal makeup artist industry. Here are some of the top skills that can help an individual thrive in the wedding makeup artistry industry.

Strong Communication Skills

You need to have strong communication skills because, as a bridal makeup artist, you will be dealing with customers that have high expectations of the service you’re providing. You must be able to understand concepts and advise on what you think would be most suitable for the bride and their event specifically.

The bride will have worked to determine what every bridesmaid will wear as well as the general theme of the wedding – it is the job of the makeup artist to ensure the makeup you do for the event fits in seamlessly.

 That being the case, bridal makeup artists must be able to listen to ideas and recommend styles that will complement their vision for the big day. It’s essential to listen and set expectations so everyone stays on the same page and there will be no disappointments with work completed. 


To be a successful makeup artist, one should also be organized. As opposed to working in a beauty salon, makeup artists may need to complete makeup and hair in various locations. That being the case, bridal makeup artists should be organized enough to get the job done wherever the wedding takes them.

Aside from organization on the day of, bridal makeup artists should also be able to keep their jobs organized. This means that you must have a system in place for managing your inventory, scheduling customer appointments, and making sure that you are not double-booked on someone’s big day.

Attention to Detail

Attention to detail comes in many forms as a bridal makeup artist. From the look you’re completing, to the experience you’re providing to your client, details will truly make all the difference. 

Your clients expect you to apply makeup flawlessly. If you miss even one tiny spot or smudge, or a hair is out of place, they are going to notice. Taking the time to attend to every detail will support your success and avoid disappointment.

Time Management

Any makeup artist needs to be able to manage time efficiently. Makeup and hair can take a significant amount of time and must also take into consideration the schedule for the first look and ceremony

Taking care of the bride’s hair and makeup is often the most time-consuming job, but with additional people getting makeup and hair done, time management is essential. 


Your task as a makeup artist is to create a look that the individual you’re working on will love, which is particularly relevant as a bridal makeup artist. 

Bridal makeup artists must be creative and generate fresh ideas to make each look special and unique to the bride and their wedding. Incorporating different colours, lines, and the like can completely alter the look of a bride and their party.

Creativity can also come into play with the types of products or hairstyles that a bridal makeup and hairstylist can use. Ultimately, the looks of the bridal party will be unique and individual pieces of art.

Training & Techniques

The makeup artists that thrive in the industry have often had extensive industry training in the form of a course or program. These programs cover various techniques, products, and colour-related topics that can create a flawless makeup look.

Bridal makeup artists need to know how to use all types of products and master techniques such as contouring, highlighting, bronzing, blending, layering, and more.

These techniques will become second-hand nature after adequate training and practice. What’s more, there are several valuable training courses that can help advance a career in makeup artistry.

Artist: Ashley Jung

How to Become a Bridal Makeup Artist

Find a Professional Makeup Artistry Course

The best way to succeed in the cosmetology industry is to enroll in a reputable beauty school. Choose from an array of courses that will teach students everything they need to know about applying makeup professionally.

When attending these programs, students will receive hands-on experience during practical classes that will prepare them for a career as a bridal makeup artist.

Complete the Program

Most makeup artistry programs last from six weeks to two years , depending on the institution and the enrollment type of the student. This is also based on a student being enrolled full-time and passing their courses in a timely manner. 

Obtain your Certificate

After completing the program successfully, students are awarded a certificate of completion. This certificate proves that you have completed the necessary requirements to become a professional makeup artist. From there, students are able to choose their career path based on the skillset and knowledge they’ve received during their program.

What the Bridal Makeup Artist Job Entails

One of the job options that students are able to choose from after getting their certificate in makeup artistry is bridal makeup artistry. Below is a glimpse at what this job entails. 

Meeting with Brides

In order to be effective in the wedding industry, you must first meet with potential brides to learn about their style preferences. You will need to discuss important details, including their wedding date, budget, and other important factors, such as the location and how many of the bridal party will need makeup and hair done.

When meeting with a makeup professional for the first time, brides often feel anxious. On the day of their wedding, they want to look their best, and they may not always know what look they’re going for and how to achieve their chosen style.

These one-on-one meetings are a great opportunity for makeup artists to provide guidance, sample some looks, and build a quality relationship so they can feel confident that you are the right person for the job.

Doing Makeup & Trials

This career requires skill and precision. You cannot just apply generic makeup. You need to know how to apply it correctly and adapt it to the individual you are applying it to, depending on their desired look.

With regards to bridal makeup, most brides will expect a trial appointment where the full look that you and the bride have agreed upon is completed. This usually includes full-glam makeup and the hairstyle that has been agreed upon. 

Through this trail, brides are able to determine if there are any changes that they’d like to be made to the look and you can also get a feel for their skin type and texture, any colour correction that might be needed day of, and how the products you plan on using will hold up for their big day. 

Ultimately, this trial appointment will help you get the best results on their big day.

Traveling to Weddings

Bridal makeup artists must travel to the venue where the wedding, and sometimes the rehearsal dinner, will be happening. This means that you will frequently travel to different locations that can, at times, be remote.

As a bridal makeup artist, you may also work a pre-wedding photoshoot or for other events associated with the wedding. These are all good opportunities to prepare for the main event and get to know your client better.

Doing Final Looks for the Bride & Bridal Party

Once you have done all the trial runs, it will be time for the big day, where you complete the final looks for the bride and bridal party. This is the big day, so give yourself extra time as application often takes longer than expected.

The following tips will help bridal makeup artists achieve the best look on the day of the wedding:

Work Patiently

Applying makeup to the bridal party will take longer than applying it to the bride. There could be anywhere from two to twelve bridesmaids to schedule time for. It’s crucial never to rush through this step and take your time to ensure that makeup for all bridal party members looks flawless.

Use Quality Products

Using high-quality beauty products will support better outcomes. Avoid using cheap beauty products with no recommendations as they tend to fade quickly and can cause skin irritation and dryness. Aside from that, high-quality products can also lead to a higher quality completed look for the bride and her bridal party. A beautifully done look is a win-win for both the bride and the makeup artist.

Apply Foundation Correctly

Finding the correct shade against the client’s skin and applying the right amount depending on their skin type is yet another crucial piece of being a bridal makeup artist. This factor will ensure that the makeup artist is able to create a radiant and glowing look for the bride that closely matches their skin.

First, you must always colour match a foundation to the client’s skin. Find out what their preferences are, whether that’s light or heavy coverage, and blend it evenly across the face.

It is a good idea to check in with the client as you apply the foundation to ask whether they would like more or less. This will ensure they feel comfortable in their new skin for the day.

Use Concealers Wisely

Concealers are used to mask imperfections, such as under-eye circles or blemishes. Applying too much concealer will have an adverse effect and draw attention to the area due to the buildup of product on the skin. Therefore, concealer should only be applied when necessary and makeup artists should avoid overusing it.

Do Not Forget to Use Blush

The cheeks and lips need to be made up properly. A good bridal makeup artist knows how to apply blush so that it looks natural and photographs well. A good makeup artist will know which colour suits the client best to create that fresh and youthful look.


Another factor of bridal makeup artistry includes contouring utilizing highlights and lowlights that help shape the face and create natural, flattering lines. Contouring details help the bride and bridal party look beautiful both in-person and through photographs.

Become a Bridal Makeup Artist with the Help of CMU

To become a bridal makeup artist and hairstylist, it is important to be dedicated to your new career path. With the right training and a passion for the artistry of makeup, a career as a makeup artist is absolutely achievable.

CMU College offers valuable skills training that sets the bar for advanced makeup artistry courses in Toronto. Our cosmetics diploma and certificate programs at CMU provide a range of professional makeup artist courses that will prepare you for a successful career.

Take a moment to browse the various courses we offer as well as the different career paths available to makeup artists who complete our courses, and reach out to our team with any questions you may have or for help with enrollment.