old man makeupFor top Complections graduate Christina Scott, 2009 was a year of new experiences – both in a classroom setting and on the set of a feature film and television series. Christina came to Complections to study in the 32-week Complete Make-up Artist Program, and foster her passion for and desire to learn special effects make-up. She decided on the Complete program because it offered courses in film and television make-up, as well as prosthetics and creature design. “It was an amazing experience!” she told us on a visit back to the campus. “The instructors just want to help. You get out as much of it as you put into it, so if you want to work hard they’ll support you.”

Christina’s hard work quickly paid off; as the top student in her graduating class, she had the opportunity to be placed on the set of Dark Rising: Summer Strikes Back in North Bay. “It was great because I got to do straight make-up and creative stuff like prosthetics and tattoos.” Her contribution to the film led the production company to hire Christina for the Dark Rising television series, which she recently finished. This experience has given Christina her first taste of film work, but she knows it takes more than the practical skills to succeed in the industry. “You are your own boss, and you just have to go for it.” To Christina, this means being open to every project that comes her way. Most recently, Christina worked with another Complections graduate on a commercial filmed in Toronto and directed by Deepa Mehta. A special on-set surprise – the Queen of England dropped by to see the action during her royal visit to Toronto!

With other film projects on the horizon, Christina continues to do photo shoots and works on her mould making skills, with the hopes of one day working as a sculptor for films. She also keeps the advice of her instructors – most notably her three SPFX instructors Tony Chappell, David Scott and Neil Morrill – close to her heart. “There was so much information to take in – we were learning a new technique or style every single day. That was the great thing about having each of these instructors. They all brought something different.” As for advice she would pass on to future fellow make-up artists? “Keep up your contacts and always be professional. Don’t get caught up in the drama!”