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Coast to Coast, How CMU Alumna Shanae Worrell is Making her Mark on the World

By January 21, 2020December 9th, 2021No Comments

Shanae Worrell graduated from both our “Comprehensive Makeup Artist Program” and “Digital Makeup Effects Artist Program” back in 2018. A Barbados native, Shanae shares her experience living in Toronto and how being here gave her the chance to be a finalist in the “IMATS Battle of the Brushes 2018”. Since graduating, Shanae has moved back to Barbados where she is now an instructor at REI Fashion Academy and works with the Barbados Crop Over Festival. Shanae speaks about her hopes for the future and how she wants to start her own makeup brand inspired by the story of her stepmother.

Have you always been interested in makeup? What made you want to become a Makeup Artist?

I started to have an interest in makeup when I was about eleven. My stepmother was diagnosed with Breast Cancer and through chemotherapy, her appearance changed, and she would use makeup to feel like herself again. I began teaching myself via different YouTube videos and books so that I could help her apply her products in the best way. When I was fifteen, my mom did my makeup for a wedding I was attending, and there was no turning back after that— I was hooked.

How did you decide on CMU College and the Comprehensive Makeup Artist Program?

I decided to go to CMU after it was suggested by a very close family friend. We looked over the courses offered and it felt like fate, like the course was made just for me to get a feel for every aspect of the makeup industry. In pursuing the Comprehensive Makeup Artist Program, that’s exactly what happened.

What was your favourite course at CMU and why?

My favourite course at CMU was definitely Film with Lynda McCormick. She was absolutely amazing. The course was intensive, informative and fun. Barbados doesn’t have a big film industry so it was very interesting to see the inner works of all the films I watched with my family and friends growing up.

How would you describe your makeup style?

I would describe my makeup style as bold, innovative, creative, untraditional and empowering. It is definitely strongly influenced by fashion and theatre and has a bit of an edge to it. I’ve always had a love for bright colours, graphic liners and clean, beautiful, glowing skin.

Coming from Barbados, what was it like to move to Canada and go to school in Toronto?

It was such an amazing experience to come from Barbados and live in Toronto. Our cultures are so different and I had to adjust a bit, but I can safely say I made friends that I’ll keep for life and embraced opportunities that I never even thought I’d be able to. I absolutely love Toronto and all it has to offer.

You were chosen as one of eight people to compete in IMATS Battle of the Brushes, what was that experience like?

This is one of the opportunities I never thought I’d experience. Being a finalist in Toronto’s IMATS Battle of the Brushes was phenomenal, almost surreal. I actually cried tears of joy when I got the news that I was chosen to compete in the finals. I’m so happy that I got to be a part of the competition and represent the school in such a big way. I’m incredibly grateful for Barbara Alexander’s mentorship and CMU’s support and sponsorship throughout the entire process. With CMU, my friends and my family, I couldn’t have asked for a better support system.

What advice do you have for people considering a career in Makeup Artistry?

For those pursuing a career in Makeup Artistry, my advice would be to never stop learning. This is an industry that evolves every season. Every year. There are always new techniques to be learned, new products to try, and new connections to be made. Humble yourself, practise and improve your skills as the industry evolves. Do everything you can to ensure that when you do make it, you are respected and appreciated. Embrace your makeup style and show everyone that you are irreplaceable.

Have you been working on anything exciting since going back to Barbados?

Since coming back to Barbados I’ve become an Instructor for Beginners and Advanced courses at REI Fashion Academy which is a local Makeup Artistry Institution. I’ve also been working with a few Crop Over bands (otherwise known as Carnival Bands), where I’ve been doing the makeup for their photoshoots and Band Launches. Lastly, I’ve been taking clients independently for various instances like photoshoots, pageants, weddings or simply a night out.

Do you have any advice for other international students thinking about coming to school in Toronto?

I always encourage other international students to pursue their studies in Toronto. My advice would be to seize the day. It’s a beautiful city with kind people and endless opportunities to further your career in ways you can’t even imagine.

What do you hope to accomplish in the future?

I have many hopes for my future in the makeup industry. One of those is goals being to establish a makeup brand of my own along with an organization with the objective to show patients who have been diagnosed with cancer, how to do a successful makeup application on themselves. I want to do this in order to remind them that their illness does not define them and that they are, have always been, and will continue to be beautiful.

To check out more from Shanae make sure to check out her Instagram @RogueBeautii