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From Film School to Makeup Artistry: Complete Makeup Program Alumna Jaye Falcioni leaves her mark on Netflix shows, short films and more.

By March 10, 2021December 9th, 2021No Comments

From graduating film school to earning a Diploma in Makeup Artistry at CMU, Jaye Falcioni has always believed in letting an individual’s journey take them to the endless opportunities the world has to offer. So when her passion and career in film shifted from filmmaking to makeup artistry, she just had to take it! 

Graduating from our “Complete Makeup Artist Program” back in 2014, Falcioni has worked on some incredible projects ranging from Netflix’s VWars to NBC’s Taken. Read on as she speaks about her unique journey to becoming a successful makeup artist.

What inspired you to pursue a career in makeup artistry?

My journey into makeup artistry and desire to pursue it as a career was a natural evolution of my career in film. After declining my acceptance into Fine Art at Ontario College of Art and Design, I decided to enroll at Queen’s University for Stage and Screen Studies. This eventually led to me graduating from Humber College’s Film and Television Production Program. During my final year at Humber, I joined the Director’s Guild of Canada in the Assistant Director Department. I started working on union sets as a TAD (Trainee/Trailer Assistant Director). After several years of working closely with the Hair and Makeup Department(s), I started to realize that perhaps makeup artistry was more for me.

What is your favourite thing about being a Makeup Artist?

My favourite thing about being a makeup artist is how you can use makeup artistry to tell a story. It sounds really complex, but it’s not. It’s something that when it happens, I don’t even think that a viewer even consciously realizes it’s happening. It’s similar to when you get a glimpse into someone’s life or the world – but without any words – just makeup and hair. I love when you see an character on screen and you think to yourself, I know this person; I’ve seen them before.” 

Why did you choose CMU? What program did you enroll in and why?

Choosing CMU was a very simple decision for me. I walked around set and asked makeup artists I was working with what school they would recommend if I wanted to make the transition into the Makeup Department. Everyone unanimously said, CMU. To be sure, I called IATSE 873 (the union local that represents Makeup Artists in Toronto) and asked the same question. Their answer was the equivalent, CMU. I ended up taking The Complete Makeup Artist Program.

What did you enjoy most about attending CMU?

Honestly, the instructors were amazing. That building, wow. It was so inspiring just to be there day in and day out.  

What’s the most important piece of skill you learned at CMU?

I think I would say trust the process. It’s hard as an artist sometimes. But, if you trust in it, good things will happen.

What advice would you give to anyone thinking of enrolling at CMU? As well any words of advice for aspiring makeup artists in general?

I think the main piece of advice I would give to aspiring CMU students and aspiring makeup artists is to focus your energy on your own personal path in this career. Everyone truly has their own journey as a makeup artist and it’s important to focus on yourself and your path instead of comparing yourself to other artists. I know that’s hard to do sometimes, but I think it’s really important.

What jobs have you been working on since graduating from CMU?

Since graduating from CMU, I’ve had the opportunity to work on some really fun projects. I’ve keyed shows like: Taken, Season 2 (NBC) [HOD: Dorota Zajac], Vwars (Netflix) [HOD: Susan Hayward / Dorota Zajac], Condor, Season 2 (MGM/Skydance) [HOD: Maribeth Knezev], In the Dark, Season 2 (The CW) [HOD: Stephen Lynch, one of my teachers at CMU], Sex/Life (Netflix) [HOD: Kristin Wayne / Ashley Rocha]. I’ve also had the opportunity to HOD some short films with colleagues of mine from Humber Film.

Could you describe how you got hired to work on the show?

A lot of my jobs come from people recommending me. But every job is different and every situation is different, if that makes sense! . 

Any interesting insights you’ve learned from working behind the scenes?

I think one of the most humbling things I’ve learnt over the years is that every artist, even HODs, have their doubts and fears. The same as any new makeup artist would. I think it’s refreshing to know a lot of us all feel the same and experience the same feelings, whether it’s your first year in this industry or your 30th.

What else do you hope to accomplish in the future?

Right now, in my career, I’m really focused on curating my path. I want to be excited about what projects I’m working on and what stories I get the privilege to help tell. In terms of my 5-year plan or even my 10-year plan, I like to keep those goals and dreams to myself. But the future is full of endless possibilities and I look forward to greeting each one of them as they come with passionate enthusiasm and gratitude.