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2genavieve-finalAfter moving to Toronto to pursue her dream of working in film, Complections graduate Genavieve White is experiencing the best of many worlds as a make-up artist. She has worked on films for BravoFact and the CFC, and recently completed a movie produced by Damian Lee. These experiences have given her the chance to work with wigs, make prosthetic limbs, and give a range of characters their look.

Several of the opportunities she has taken part in were job postings sent through the Complections Job Posting system; one gig with the Hamilton Opera Company has lead to another opportunity with them in the summer. “My roots are in theatre,” she says. “I love the fast pace, but I also like seeing the final product of a film.” Genavieve’s interest in all facets of the make-up artistry industry has allowed her to keep busy not only by working in theatre and film, but also creating looks for fashion shoots for Worn Fashion Journal and Auxillery Magazine. “I would like to move [exclusively] into prosthetics eventually, but for now I’m open to doing all kinds of jobs.”

Genavieve’s ability to move between the fields of fashion, theatre and film was honed during her time at Complections. As a graduate of the 32-week Complete Make-up Artist Program, she was able to finesse the art skills she already had (with an undergraduate degree in sculpture, Genavieve was drawn to the school for its Prosthetic and Creature Design courses). She was eager to further her previous knowledge of design and art, and says, “The instructors were very accommodating of what sort of assignment I wanted to do for my Prosthetics photo shoot.”

Citing the small classes as an asset to her studies, Genavieve has kept in touch with many of the students and faculty she met while at the school, and has had the chance to work them (and ask them for advice). While working on a severed head for a production, she was able to ask her former instructors for tips on how to create the macabre prop, and notes that “as someone who’s not from Toronto, it [was] nice to be able to do that. I have people that I can reach out to.” She also praised the “community” that is fostered through the Complections Job Board – one film production she is currently working on, Jane Doe, was an opportunity from another graduate.

Setting her sights on the future, Genavieve is moving to New York City in the summer to take advantage of its many opportunities, adding that the relocation could “shift” her goals because of the city’s thriving theatrical and fashion industries. As for her ideal job, anything to do with creating fantastical creatures tops the list. “Working for Jim Henson’s studio, or a design-minded director like Tim Burton – that would be ideal. Anyone who would let me do amazing, creative things to make my living…that’s the goal!”

Check out Genavieve’s website here!