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Makeup Artistry

List of Makeup Artist Services: All You Need to Know | CMU College

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Makeup artistry is a field that encompasses a variety of services, including, but not limited to, cosmetics and skin care treatments.

While the makeup artist business is a world that may be difficult to break into at first, it is not an impossible feat.

Makeup artist services are in high demand whether you are considered an expert or a beginner.

As with any other job, it is important to understand what types of makeup services you’re offering and how to provide these services properly.

What Does a Makeup Artist Do?
Makeup artists, sometimes known as beauty therapists, are professional artists whose canvas is the human body.

They use their knowledge and training to create various looks, from natural to elaborate illusions.

Professional makeup artists apply makeup in various contexts and are versatile in their services.

List Of Makeup Services Artists Could Offer
The art of makeup application requires knowledge of a wide range of services; these services may depend on the artists’ experience, skills, and expertise.

However, makeup artists need to be trained in various makeup styles and services to adapt their skills to meet the needs of their future clients. Here are some of the services that will help you choose the right makeup artist career:

Bridal makeup artist
Professional makeup artists are trained to make their clients look their best, which is especially important on their wedding day.

An artist offering bridal party makeup services will know exactly how to apply makeup to ensure it lasts throughout the entire day, tears and all.

A bridal makeup service should also include bridal and bridesmaids’ beauty treatments as a part of the task.

Bridal party makeup services should include trial makeup sessions for the big day and pre-wedding consultations to help brides find their perfect look.

Bachelorette party makeup
Bachelorette parties are the ultimate celebration of female friendship and the final days before marriage.

A bachelorette party makeup artist is a great way to make a soon-to-be bride feel special on her last night of freedom.

Whether the bridal crew plans a simple dinner or an all-out bash, the makeup artist will add a fun touch.

DIY workshops/makeup classes
One of the best things you can offer your clients is a DIY workshop or makeup lessons.

Makeup application can be tricky, and many people don’t know how to apply makeup products right for their skin tone and type.

Although hosting workshops and makeup classes are a lot of work, they’re a great way to get your clients interested in the makeup business.

Skincare treatments consultation
A good service that a beautician can offer is a skin care treatments consultation. These types of consults are viral among older women.

A makeup artist is more than making clients look beautiful on the outside. They also care about how healthy their skin is.

That’s why they might offer additional skincare treatments consultation as part of their packages. This can include advice on which products will work best for your skin type and what kind of skincare routine will keep it healthy.

Hair styling services
“Hair and makeup go hand and hand. So it’s common for makeup artists to offer professional hair styling services when getting a client ready for a special event such as a wedding hair styling.

Becoming skilled in hair design can ensure a makeup artist stays on top of their game, especially when working in a constantly evolving beauty industry.

Fashion styling services
As a professional makeup artist, you’ll have all the skills needed to help your clients choose the outfits that best fit who they are.

Makeup artists enhance a person’s appearance; therefore, they should also style their outfits to look flattering and enhance their clients’ features.

Virtual makeup services
Virtual makeup services have been a popular interest over the past few years. And for good reasons too!

This allows clients to book consultations or makeup lessons with artists from anywhere.

Virtual services are an excellent way for a makeup artist business to reach more potential clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of a bachelorette party?
You won’t just be earning some extra cash; you’ll also be doing something nice for the bride and her bridal party by making them all beautiful.

Also, If the bride liked your work, she could potentially hire you to do her makeup on her wedding day.

As a bonus, such events are often very entertaining!


What services can you offer?
A makeup artist can be versatile and offer many types of services for special occasions or can choose a specific area by their skills.

The service list of a makeup artist includes:

  • Bachelorette party makeup
  • Bridal and wedding makeup
  • DIY workshops/makeup lessons
  • Skincare consultations
  • Professional hair styling services
  • Fashion styling services and fashion makeup
  • Virtual makeup services
  • Mobile services requiring to be in different locations
  • Special effects makeup

What are the benefits of mobile makeup services?
It’s not just convenient for you and your client; it can help set yourself apart from the competition.

Mobile makeup services are especially great for brides who may want to get dressed at the venue of their wedding photo shoots.

Also, some mobile makeup artists may require up to a 50% non-refundable retainer for services. The artist subtracts the retainer fee from the final cost.

How do I attract new clients?
One of the best things you can do is advertise your business and services on multiple sites, such as Yelp and Thumbtack.

There are even niche-specific websites for makeup artists, like Wedding Wire.

Advertising your services on multiple popular websites ensures you reach a larger audience. However, the popularity and volume of visitors can shift.

For example, Thumbtack has declined in popularity in the past year. The website used to get about 5 million visitors a month, and it is now estimated that it brings about 4 million visitors every month.

Thus, maintaining an active listing of popular websites can help keep a steady exposure to potential clients if one site loses traffic.

What are the benefits of attending a class?
Taking a class is an investment in your professional career. Classes can teach you how to fine-tune your skills and train you in other areas of the beauty industry.

Having an extra certification can also increase your credibility as an artist.

As a result, your clients will be more willing to listen to your recommendations and book you again in the future.

What are your goals in 2023?
If your long-term goals include attracting more clients and taking your makeup business to the next stage, start by offering DIY workshops for your clients and teaching them how to use their products.

In addition, you should consider offering mobile or virtual services. This allows you to travel to different cities and meet with clients outside your area, which can result in more exposure and referrals.

What are bridal and party services?
Wedding parties are possibly the most popular reason people hire a professional makeup artist.

The artist can come to the location of the bride-to-be and provide them with the perfect makeup and wedding hair for their big day.

The artist can also help choose the right colors, styles, and techniques that will complement the client’s skin tone and facial features.

Aside from bridal services, makeup artists also offer party makeup services for birthdays, graduations, and more.

Final Thoughts
There are a variety of services a professional makeup artist can offer. Some services are tailored to a specific niche or client’s needs, while others can be used for a broader population (such as workshops and consultations).

If you’re interested in becoming a makeup artist, check out CMU College’s courses for all types of makeup artists!