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Career Path Focus: Film & Television Makeup Artistry | CMU College

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Within the vast and talented world of makeup professionals lies a multitude of different specializations. However, film and television makeup artistry play a significant role in the entertainment industry.

A movie makeup artist has a unique job of giving characters specific details that make them distinctive according to the role.

Before one may be considered a skilled makeup designer, several years of practice are typically required (MUA). If you’re interested in learning the ins and outs of the film and TV makeup industry, you’re on the right page. Read on to learn how to build your makeup career to be among other professional film makeup artists.

Nature Of the Job
Film and television makeup artists work behind the scenes on film sets and TV shows, ensuring that the cast looks their best while on set.

This can include anything from applying foundation to creating special effects makeup such as scars and prosthetics.

The looks a film and TV makeup artist will create will depend on the film production team and characters.

Types Of Makeup Artists
Several types of makeup artists work on a set in the entertainment industry. Each has designated jobs and works together as a team, often from a shared trailer.

The team of artists stays on the set through the entire course of filming in case any last-minute adjustments need to be made.

Key makeup artist
The key makeup artist is responsible for the overall look of the cast. Their main job is applying makeup to the lead role and delivering advanced makeup designs.

They are also in charge of supervising the other makeup designers and leading makeup teams, making sure that makeup is applied correctly, and touch ups are always done by the makeup department.

Makeup artist
The makeup artists’ duties include applying makeup to supporting cast members and extras.

Makeup artists work directly under the key makeup artist and are tasked with bringing the key makeup designers’ vision to life. Often, they will recreate a look the key artist made on other people.

Makeup assistant
Make-up assistants are responsible for maintaining the organization of makeup tools and assisting make-up artists with makeup application.

The key makeup artist may also assign a makeup assistant to photograph the cast’s makeup to guarantee uniformity during reshoots.

Special effects makeup artist
To work as a special effects makeup artist is a dream career for many. The work of special makeup effects is creative, exciting, and rewarding.

Makeup artists specializing in special effects – also referred to as SFX artists – employ cosmetics and prosthetics to create a wide range of makeup techniques such as realistic-looking scars, deformities, aging skin, extraordinary hair design, and magical effects.

SFX makeup artists have a firm grasp on both standard movie makeup and the more advanced SFX makeup procedures that can be used to create more startling makeup effects.

Road To Becoming Movie Makeup Artist
The road to becoming a movie makeup artist is not easy, but it is well worth it if it is your talent and passion.

However, before getting started, you should decide on a specific subset of makeup artist jobs. Do you have a particular taste in this beauty industry?

The film, television, runway, music, and bridal industries all have a wide variety of job opportunities for makeup designers to showcase their talents.

Each style has its makeup techniques and skills that must be mastered before succeeding in your chosen field.

Join Makeup School
Students enrolled in makeup courses at accredited makeup and beauty schools can finish their training in under a year, including assistance with full-time job placement following graduation.

Additionally, it’s good to know the basics before starting a professional career in make-up artistry.

With a makeup diploma to prove you had formal training, you boost your credibility as an artist and increase your job opportunities and chances of getting hired.

Get Hands-On Experience
This one may seem obvious but getting practical experience as a film makeup artist is very much needed to make it in the industry.

Practical experience can help you improve and better understand the preference of film directors and other movie clients.

This may also mean working as make-up trainees or at a low hourly rate until you build credibility as an artist.

Work on Your Portfolio
Makeup artists should always have a portfolio ready to showcase a variety of their actual makeup.

The portfolio is the single most crucial thing you can bring to a job interview. Makeup artists are often hired for specific projects, so you need to show your range of skills and experience in production.

When applying for a position you want, add pictures into your portfolio of the work you have done that you believe will have a good impression and strong experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the job profiles for a makeup artist?
Makeup artists have the ability to be versatile and proficient in a wide variety of areas of the beauty business. The job profile of each artist can vary greatly.

For example, some makeup artists specialize in special effects and body makeup, while others focus on traditional cosmetic applications.

Is it expensive to enroll in a beauty school in another country?
The cost of studying to become a beautician abroad might vary widely from one educational institution to the next. Expenses like housing and transportation should be factored in when planning to study abroad.

However, arguably the most significant factor influencing tuition costs could be the currency exchange.

This is because currency exchange rates can change daily and drastically a year from now.

If you find that the institute you want to study at is expensive, there are always scholarships to help students afford these courses.

What are the hours worked per week?
The hours a makeup artist works can vary from one job to another.

Although, in the film industry, a makeup artist’s work hours in a single shift can be quite long. It isn’t uncommon for an artist to work shifts between 12 to 14 hours long.

You may even need to work longer if you work multiple jobs simultaneously.

How much does a makeup artist earn?
How much money a makeup artist makes is determined by their experience, the number of gigs they take on, and the type of work they do.

Choosing to work in a specific niche can also significantly influence a makeup artist’s income.

Artists for film and television have an average salary range from $15/hour (Canadian dollars) to more than $80/hour (Canadian dollars)

What are the benefits of being a makeup artist?
Getting a job as an MUA has many perks! Especially if applying makeup tools and playing with colours and shadows is what you like to do.

Since the makeup industry is growing in popularity, employment is expected to grow by about 13 percent over the next ten years.

Additionally, a major selling point for makeup artists is that they can work independently as individual makeup artists if they choose.

They don’t need any employees or expensive equipment to get started: just themselves, their talent, and their makeup kits.

Are there any certifications required for makeup artists?
The answer will change depending on the region in which you live.

The diploma proves to potential clients and employers that they have received professional training in the field of makeup artistry.

Final Thoughts
Film and television makeup artists are responsible for transforming actors into the characters they are portraying.

They must not only make them look like their characters but also make their performances shine through.

It is a challenging yet rewarding job that requires creativity, consistency, and a passion for the art.

Is it your dream to become a film and television makeup artist? CMU College has plenty of courses to get started on your makeup journey!

Visit our website to learn more about the makeup classes offered at CMU College.