olgaComplections graduate Olga Kirnos took a few moments from her busy schedule in New Delhi, India, to answer some questions about her time at the school, and where her education, passion and ambition has taken her.

Why did you choose the 26-week program at Complections?

I felt it was very important to be well versed in all aspects of make-up artistry, and the 26-week Comprehensive Program offered a full breakdown of all the categories that are essential to understanding all make-up varieties and styles. The tools and tricks you learn in one class are very useful in the next, and the same variety is reflected in your work; your resources are much richer, and more versatile when you have a diverse knowledge to go back to and source ideas from. All of this comes with a proper, comprehensive education, and thorough practice.

How did you hear about the school?

I found the school through a search on Google. It was listed as one of the top make-up schools in North America. I set up my appointment to come and see the school, and registered that very week.

What was your previous make-up experience before coming to the school?

I had absolutely no experience with make-up at all, but I had a very strong background in the arts – painting, drawing, and graphic arts. This was a key factor that drew me in to apply to Complections, after seeing the creativity and range of work that the school offered in its courses.

What was your experience at the school like?

School was a good experience in both personal and professional aspects. From the close atmosphere of working in small groups, to the individual attention from teachers who always go an extra mile in order to help those who truly want to learn and excel. Even now, years after graduating, I keep in touch with the teachers, visit the school often and always feel welcome. I find the school to be a source of creative inspiration when I visit, and I compare where I was when I just started here, and where it has taken me thus far; it has been a very memorable process of growth.

What was your favorite class?

I enjoyed each class, because my program was very well arranged to lead from one subject to another very gradually and consistently. Each class added more tips and tools to those previously learned, and I got to apply these techniques in various ways. Initially, I thought I would enter theatrical make-up as a professional. However, in film class I found a very different field of make-up that I felt passionate to work in from then on. After working in film and television, I entered the world of fashion make-up, where I could constantly apply knowledge from all the various classes I took in the 26-week program, be it theatre tricks, film and television make-up tips or the hair course – all of them play a significant role in my work.

Did you work while you were in school? What sort of jobs?

Yes, definitely. It was very important to make contacts, and start networking right from the beginning in this industry. Therefore, I made sure to volunteer and work for most of the jobs that came through the school. I did everything from theatrical productions to fashion shows and photo shoots, to film and television productions.

What sort of jobs have you done since graduating?

Since graduating, I’ve done many film and television productions; this was my focus for the first few years of my career. I did everything from commercials to television series and film projects. In the past year I have shifted my focus to the fashion industry, and have done multiple shoots for magazines, ad campaigns and calendars; I have worked with many photographers both in Canada and India, where I’m now working.

What has been your favorite job since graduating?

There have been too many to choose just one! When I was doing film and television work, we had a lot of good times on set during long days of shooting. Now that I’m working as a fashion make-up artist in India, I’ve done several shoots, including a recent calendar shoot for a magazine, which was great fun; I got to travel to very exotic locations around India with a team that became like family.

What advice would you give to current students and graduates of Complections?

To current students, I would say that you really have to make the most out of school while you are there, and take advantage of the many things it has to offer. For graduates, my advice would be to make a clear career choice and stick to it. Persistence, determination and pro-activity will make you and your work stand out; you can only get back what you put out, so you must consistently spend time updating your portfolio, getting new work, making new contacts, and constantly following leads and the latest trends. Never stop challenging yourself to do better.

What are your future career goals?

Right now, I’m working to establish my name as an international make-up artist and body painter. I want to keep challenging myself both creatively and professionally, and to keep setting and achieving new goals. At the moment, I’ve moved to New Delhi, India, where I am working with top photographers and fashion magazines which is helping to develop my portfolio and client base, which will hopefully lead to bigger and more challenging projects.

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